4 tips for sustainable motorhome and van travel

Travelling and exploring new places in a motorhome or van means reconnecting with nature, leaving the hustle and bustle of the city for a while and reconnecting with the earth.
If you love the outdoors, you surely know that travel and holidays have a profound impact on the environment and the communities that inhabit the places you visit.
Travelling sustainably depends a lot on your choice of vehicle.
Certainly, the impact of electric motorhomes, vans and minivans is much less than that of fossil-fuelled vehicles, but even if you don’t have an electric vehicle at your disposal, there are a few steps you can take to make your trips much greener.
Even installing photovoltaic panels on your vehicle may be the best solution to reduce its environmental impact. However, if you do not have the possibility to install them or if you have decided to rent a more traditional vehicle for your outdoor holiday, fear not: you can still help reduce your impact on the environment by following our tips.

1. Bring your bicycle

No self-respecting outdoor holiday is complete without a bike! In order to have even more freedom of movement when travelling, our first tip is to have a bike, whether classic or electric. This way you will be more agile during short trips once you arrive at your destination. Simply choose the Carry-Bike that best suits your vehicle, the number of bicycles and their type, install it on your vehicle, and start your adventure! Take a look at the range of Fiamma bike carriers and choose the one that’s right for you.

Before leaving, check which are the best cycling routes in the selected locations on your travel itinerary and organise your short trips accordingly. It will be a slow and much more sustainable holiday.

2. Choose local food and experiences

If you love good food, take advantage of your trip to discover what the local gastronomy has to offer. Enquire with locals to find the nearest farms and producers to your stopover location and go to them to buy what you need. Serving yourself from small shops instead of supermarkets stocked by large organised retailers helps reduce the environmental impact of your holiday and helps the people who live in the places you are visiting.

Not only that. When you are travelling, try experiences organised by locals to immerse yourself even more in the local culture. Ask them directly which are the most beautiful excursions, unmissable hidden spots and clubs they frequent!

3. Leave no trace of your passage

Stating it again may seem superfluous, but each of us produces a great deal of waste, even when travelling. Trying to reduce it is therefore essential to make your holiday more sustainable.

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products

Dishwashing and laundry detergents, personal hygiene products. To be an ‘ecological camper’ it is important to use sustainable products that do not pollute ground water. Yes also to organic detergents and solid soaps (even shampoo and conditioner!).

Don’t waste water on camping

Use a sink or basin to wash the dishes, instead of doing it under the water jet. This way, you will only be able to use the amount of water needed to clean the dishes. Furthermore, for sustainable travelling in a motorhome, you can use flow-limiting dispensers on the taps. These easy-to-install devices can be either motion-sensing or ‘plunger’ type. In this way, you can reduce water consumption and use it more efficiently while travelling.

Do not use disposable items on holiday

When travelling, avoid using disposable tableware (unless it is made of recycled and recyclable material). Always separate waste correctly, respecting the rules of the place where you are.

4. Uses energy-efficient accessories

In addition to installing photovoltaic panels on your vehicle, you can use many other small measures to save energy and make your journey more sustainable.

LED lights for motorhomes, caravans, vans and minivans

LED lighting systems are much more efficient than traditional ones and allow you to save on electricity costs and, at the same time, reduce the impact on the environment. Fiamma’s LED range allows you to light your motorhome efficiently and with less consumption.

Water-saving accessories in Van

Fiamma water pumps and canisters allow you to save and conserve this precious resource.

A more sustainable lifestyle even on holiday requires very little: let us know if these tips have been useful to you and share your next green adventure with Fiamma by commenting on our Facebook page and tagging our Instagram page on your posts and stories!