Crank Handle

Crank handle in light aluminium

Available in 3 versions:
Short: ideal for Minivans (delivered as standard with F45s 190 and F40Van).
Standard: ideal for all Motorhomes, easy to shorten (delivered as standard with F45s up to 450).
Telescopic: telescopic crank handle with fixed handle, ideal for high motorhomes and roof awnings (delivered as standard with F70, F45L, F80s, F65L and F65s).
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Item Description Price
01756B01A Crank Handle Short € 37.30
04660-01- Crank Handle Standard € 44.80
03878C01- Crank Handle Telescopic € 54.60
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight Standard with
Crank Handle Short 0,3 kg F45s VW T5/T6 - F45 PSA - F40van print
Crank Handle Standard 0,4 kg F45s print
Crank Handle Telescopic 0,7 kg F45L - F80s - F80L print

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