Rear door enclosure

Enclosures for rear door of campervan and van conversions

This makes the best use of the available space at the rear door of your campervan or van conversion.
It is ideal to increase the shaded area, privacy and comfort.
Makes a great addition to the awning/enclosure on the side of the vehicle.

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Rear Door Cover Ducato
Enclosure for the rear doors of Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper and Peugeot Boxer H2 after 06/2006 and Mercedes Sprinter H2 after 2006 (before 2008).
Quick to install, supplied with side panels and front panel that can be rolled up. Rear Door Cover gives you more privacy.
The upper rafter and rail keep the fabric tight. The double rail is attached to the water gutter of the Ducato, the aluminium rafter secures the opening of the two rear doors, keeping the fabric tight. The door can be rolled up.
Delivered as standard with:
• 1x awning with side and front panels
• 1x double rail in reinforced pvc
• 1x rafter to increase stability
• 1x Kit pegs
• 1x kit of tension elastics


Rear Door Cover Ducato
Rear Door Cover Ducato
Rear Door Cover VW T5 / T6
Innovative enclosure for the rear door of VW T5/T6.
Quick installation both on standard rear doors and on rear doors with Carry-Bike installed (with no bikes). Side elastic belts tighten the awning on the rear door.
Delivered as standard with:
1x complete enclosure for the rear of the vehicle with an openable door  
that can be rolled up or extended. Equipped with mosquito screen
• 1x set of floor poles
• 1x kit of tension elastics
• 1x Kit pegs
• 1x Mega Bag Light


Rear Door Cover VW
Rear Door Cover VW
Kit Poles
Set of aluminium poles (Kit Poles) to extend the door as an additional canopy.
Kit Poles
Item Description Price
06357-01- Rear Door Cover Ducato € 215.00
06539-01- Rear Door Cover VW T5 / T6 € 367.00
06537-01- Kit Poles € 81.10
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight
Rear Door Cover Ducato 3,3 kg print
Rear Door Cover VW T5 / T6 9,8 kg print
Kit Poles 0,7 kg print
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