Rafter: and the fabric is always perfectly tensioned

Rafter in aluminium keeps the fabric tensioned, eliminates water pooling and noisy flapping caused by wind. Easy to install without damaging the awning.
Delivered as standard with special wall clips for handy storage inside the vehicle.
Complete with rubber ends so as to be installed on other awning brands.
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Adjustable length: 142-265 cm.
Suitable for extensions up to 275 cm. and for length up to 550 cm. Suitable for all box awnings.
For awnings F45 - F80 - F65
Tension rafter to strengthen your manual awning.
Delivered as standard with: Caravanstore 410 and 440 Caravanstore ZIP 440 Side, Side W and Side W Pro Caravanstore.
Optional for: Caravanstore: 255 to 360 cm. F35 Pro: 250 to 300 cm.
Rafter Caravanstore XL
The Rafter Pro is made of two sturdy anodized aluminium telescopic bars. Ideal for awnings with extension up to 250cm, it is adjustable in length from 145 to 265cm. Limit usage at high temperatures as it may affect the fabric tension.
For F45 - F80 - F65 with extension up to 250 cm and length 550 cm.
Rafter Pro
It is easily installed by hooking the ends onto the awning arms, while keeping them tight to avoid bending.
For awnings from 250 to 400cm.
Comes complete with two special brackets to fix in the knuckles of the arms in order to keep the fabric tensioned.
Easy to install. When not in use it takes up little space.
Limited usage at high temperatures.
For awnings from 350 to 450cm.
Magicrafter Pro
Suitable for cassette awnings. Delivered as standard with hooks with electric connections to fix on F45s and F45L awnings (for F65s and F65L optional kit 98655-877 is available): you only have to click the rafter into position and the lights come on as if by magic.
After drilling and installing the electrical connection to the motorhome, you can use the 5m of cable that is supplied and comes complete with 12V cigarette lighter socket.
Rafter LED
Suitable for the Caravanstore manual awning.
Complete with spring terminal, easily installed when the awning is open and with 5m of cable with plug for connection to the cigarette lighter socket.
Rafter LED Caravanstore
It guarantees an optimally stretched fabric, greater wind resistance and prevents the formation of water pockets in the event of rain, thanks to the perpendicular installation with respect to the arms of the awning. It comes with LEDs to illuminate your holiday space.
For F40van and F45s 260.
Rafter LED F40van
Rafter LED F40van
Item Description Price
98655A007 Rafter F45/F80 € 45.80
98655A002 Rafter Pro € 65.00
03888-02- Rafter CaravanStore XL € 35.20
98655-716 Magicrafter € 72.20
98655-847 Magicrafter Pro € 119.00
98655-850 Rafter LED € 92.50
98655-902 Rafter LED Caravanstore € 86.80
98655Z134 Rafter LED F40van € 100.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight
Rafter F45/F80 0.8 kg print
Rafter Pro 0.8 kg print
Rafter CaravanStore XL 0.6 kg print
Magicrafter 0.8 kg print
Magicrafter Pro 0.8 kg print
Rafter LED 0,8 kg print
Rafter LED Caravanstore 1,3 kg print
Rafter LED F40van 1,7 kg print
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