Camping in autumn: tricks against bad weather and for safe camping 

The most popular seasons for camping have always been spring and summer. Thanks to holidays, open campsites and warm, sunny days, these are the times when everyone usually decides to take their campervan or caravan and set off on a journey to create new memories to cherish. However, we at Fiamma know that camping in autumn can hold many unexpected advantages. In this new article on our blog we reveal not only why camping in autumn and winter is a good idea, but also our tips for making the most of every moment of your off-season on-the-road holiday.

Why it is good to go camping in autumn

Although the weather can be changeable and the risk of bad weather is always around the corner, one should not be intimidated. In autumn, the beauty of nature leaves you breathless, especially where you can appreciate the colour of the leaves on the trees tinged with shades of fire. But that is not all. In autumn, every resort is less crowded and prices are significantly cheaper than in spring or summer. Many facilities and campsites that are open in autumn and winter also offer special offers and discounted rates for those who decide to book their camping site at this time of year.

Finally, setting off on an out-of-season trip with your van, campervan or caravan, even if only for a weekend, means making the most of the beauty of autumn: warm and welcoming atmospheres, good food, temperatures that are still not too cold and hospitality. In a word: beauty.

Face the risk of bad weather and focus on safety

As we have mentioned, choosing to go camping in the autumn means taking advantage of more space and tranquillity and thus being able to connect even more with nature. A nature that between November and December can, however, reserve some “tricks”. For this reason, it is a good idea to leave prepared, to avoid nasty surprises and to enjoy your holiday safely.

If you go on a trip in autumn, try not to be discouraged if you find – perhaps – a bit of rain: try to turn bad weather into an opportunity to test your adaptability! Only with this spirit will you be able to appreciate every moment of your holiday.

Where to go camping in autumn

First choose the right location. Forest areas, national parks and campsites with adequate facilities are excellent starting points for your autumn holiday on the road. The camp sites that are also open out of season will be able to guide you in the best way to explore each area safely and to enjoy the best that the resorts have to offer… without tourists!

If you have opted to go wild camping, be sure to choose an area that is not at risk of landslides or flooding.

The must-have camping equipment for autumn and winter

Wherever you choose to go, remember that taking the right equipment with you will make all the difference. Thermal blankets and sleeping bags are essential to stay warm both at night and during the day when you are relaxing.

Make sure you have an additional lighting system (such as Fiamma awning LEDs) both inside and outside your motorhome, van, caravan or minivan to create a cosy atmosphere and for safety in the dark hours.

In addition, awnings, and Privacy Rooms will be your best allies in making the most of your vehicle this season.  Here’s how to make the best use of awnings and Privacy Rooms whilst camping in autumn, they are ideal for creating a covered area sheltered from wind and rain for relaxing and cooking in bad weather.

Use the Privacy Room and awning to create an indoor area

The Privacy Room or awning can be used as a practical outdoor kitchen area, allowing you to prepare meals and cook away from the rain. You can place your camping cooker, kitchen table and other utensils inside the covered area, draft-free and warm. This creates a real outdoor dining or relaxation area, to which you only need to add a mat, a table, chairs, some blankets and whatever you wish to make it even more comfortable. From here you can admire the landscape without getting wet and without being exposed to the elements. You can also use it to rest, relax, play cards or read. Add a lantern or LED light to make it more comfortable!

Use the area created by the canopy and awning for hanging out and drying equipment

Fiamma enclosures can also be used to store camping equipment such as rucksacks, shoes, bicycles or sports equipment, keeping everything dry. Not only that, if you have clothes to dry, you can also use this area as a drying room so that wet clothes dry quicker in the autumn.

Camping safely in autumn

If you’ve decided to go on an outdoor holiday in the autumn, remember to anchor your awning or Privacy Room securely to prevent it being blown away by the wind. On the Fiamma website you will find anchoring accessories for each item.

Carefully check the rules and regulations of the campsite where you are, as some areas may have restrictions on the use of awnings or canopies. With good planning and by following our tips, your autumn camping trip will certainly be more pleasant, comfortable and above all safe.

Always check the weather and the vehicle

Before setting off, have a look at the weather forecast, not only to choose your location, but also to find out how you should dress. Finally, don’t forget to check your van, campervan or caravan carefully and take along, in addition to snow tyres, everything you need to fix any vehicle problems.

Have a good trip!