Fiamma offers a large selection of bike racks, flexibility, sturdiness and quality as well as the certainty that you can install it on your vehicle.

Carry-Bike Fiamma: the original bike carrier!
Fiamma bike carriers are manufactured in our factory in Cardano al Campo, Italy, made with state of the art technology.
The exclusive features of Fiamma
Some Fiamma Carry-Bikes are equipped with the Bull Shock Absorber system for the best and most reliable shock and vibration absorption during travel.
To improve the ease of carrying multiple bikes at the same time, you can offset the rails on your Fiamma Carry-Bike. All rails are mechanically fixed by means of rust free stainless steel screws to avoid movement.
Every Carry-Bike comes delivered as standard with two rails.
Each symbol indicates the maximum number of rails that can be fitted. Fiamma Carry-Bike fits up to 4 bikes.
Carry-Bike Pro has a patented telescopic rail support Zoom-4-Bikes with a thicker rounded tube, reinforced elements in stainless steel and aluminium.
Most Fiamma Carry-Bikes are delivered as standard with the Quick-Safe safety straps to safely mount and lock the wheels on the bike carrier rail. Easy release for immediate opening.
Each wall mounted Carry-Bike has the Rack Holder locking system for more security when not carrying any bikes.
Fiamma Carry-Bikes have the Bike-Block Pro, fixing kit for bicycles. Anti-scratch, safe and easy to use.
For all tubes with diameter from 25 to 100mm.
Fiamma focal points


Fiamma Carry-Bikes use the highest quality anodized aluminium rounded tubes.
For even greater resistance and capacity, several Fiamma Carry-Bike models use an improved, extendable rounded frame.
Fiamma Carry-Bikes are manufactured using only long life stainless steel screws and have the double reinforced bike carrier rail
and the safety strap Quick-Safe.  
Some models are equipped with the innovative and exclusive Rail Premium.


All Fiamma Carry-Bikes are rigorously tested in our laboratories before being released into the market, in order to grant the greatest security. Fiamma Carry-Bikes have passed many reliability and security tests, for this reason they are preferred by many OEM manufacturers who preinstall them on the walls of their vehicles.


Fiamma offer 6 models dedicated to E-Bike transport: Pro, Pro C and Lift 77 (with lowering support rail with a drop of 77cm) for Motorhome, the new Mercedes V Class Lift for Campervan and XLA Pro 200 and Caravan Active (both for A Frame installation) for Caravan.
Please contact your local dealer to see if your Electric Bikes are suitable, and that they do not exceed the maximum permitted weight.  
We suggest that the installation is carried out by a dealer.