Outdoor ladders

All Fiamma ladders have Ø 30mm and 2mm thick tubes in anodized aluminium.
Inner step width updated in accordance with the European standard UNI EN 131.
Optional accessory Security Grip, as an additional protection when the ladder is installed on vehicles with double rear doors to avoid the friction with the Carry-Bike.
Sturdy anti-theft safety plate (Safe Plate) available as optional accessory for your ladder.
  • pipes ø 30 mm and thickness 2 mm
  • anodised aluminium
  • Non-skid finish
  • Step inner width: 28 cm
  • Step total width: 35 cm
  • Deluxe Dj Ducato, Dj Ducato H3 and Sprinter also available in Deep Black version
Selection guide
DELUXE 8Sturdy and lightweight high quality universal exterior ladder.
Can be folded up while travelling.
Deluxe 8
Deluxe 8
Deluxe 8
DELUXE 5DSturdy and lightweight high quality universal exterior ladder.
Can be folded up while travelling.
Deluxe 5D
Deluxe 5D
DELUXE DJ Two models available: Deluxe DJ Ducato and Dj Ducato H3.
Supplied with Fixing Bars for easy and quick installation on the rear door.
It can be combined with Carry-Bike 200 DJ.
It can be installed on the following vehicles: Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper and Peugeot Boxer after 2006 and Ford Transit with double rear doors after 2006 before 2011.
Deluxe DJ
Deluxe DJ Deep Black
Deluxe DJ
DELUXE SPRINTER Sturdy and lightweight, the Deluxe Sprinter ladder is made with Ø 30mm aluminium tubes that are 2mm thick.  
Can be mounted on the left rear door and this item is compatible with the installation on the right rear door of the bike carrier Carry-Bike 200 DJ Sprinter / Crafter (02093B93A).
The structure can be folded up for maximum ease of use.
Suitable for installation on the identical VW Crafter H2.
Deluxe Sprinter
Deluxe Sprinter Deep Black
Deluxe Sprinter
SAFE LADDERSturdy anti-theft safety plate for your motorcaravan ladder.
Suitable for single fixed ladders or folding ladders. Delivered as standard with Lock and Key.
Dimensions: 23x78cm.
Safe Ladder
Safe Ladder
DELUXE DJ H3Ladder with 6 steps.
Specific version for vehicles with height H3.
Deluxe DJ H3
Deluxe DJ H3 Deep Black
Deluxe DJ H3
Item Description Price
02426-02- Deluxe 8 € 201.00
02426-08- Deluxe 5D € 184.00
02426-09A Deluxe DJ € 280.00
02426A09A Deluxe DJ - Deep Black € 329.00
02426-17A Deluxe DJ H3 € 287.00
02426A17A Deluxe DJ H3 - Deep Black € 343.00
02426-19A Deluxe Sprinter € 306.00
02426A19A Deluxe Sprinter - Deep Black € 357.00
98656-480 Safe Ladder € 74.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight Number of steps Folding
Deluxe 8 5,5 kg 8 stampa
Deluxe 5D 4,9 kg 10 stampa
Deluxe DJ 6,5 kg 6 - stampa
Deluxe DJ - Deep Black 6,5 kg 6 - stampa
Deluxe DJ H3 6,9 kg 7 - stampa
Deluxe DJ H3 - Deep Black 6,9 kg 6 - stampa
Deluxe Sprinter 7 kg 8 stampa
Deluxe Sprinter - Deep Black 7 kg 8 stampa
Safe Ladder 1,3 kg - - stampa
Standard Optional

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