LEDs for awning

LED solutions for awning

AWNING ARMS LED: two pairs of LED strips for the arms of the awning.
KIT AWNING LED: pair of LED lights to be fixed into the front fascia of the awning with a click.
KIT LED STRIP AWNING and LED AWNING CASE: gives you a lot of light by using the whole length of the awning.
RAFTER LED / CARAVANSTORE: the classic central rafter for the fabric, equipped with 36 LED lights.

Selection guide
AWNING ARMS LEDLED lighting system composed of 4 LED light kits mounted into sturdy supports and easily attached to the awning arms. The compact dimensions allow them to stay mounted, even when the awning is closed. Complete with 5 mt of cable for rapid connection.
Each group of lights contains 9 LEDs, which are equipped for external use. Low consumption, no overheating.
Easy to mount.
Dimensions of each light kit: L300xW17xH7mm.
Awning Arms LED
Awning Arms LED
KIT AWNING LEDLighting system to be installed on F45 and F65 awnings. It is composed of two 12V 10 LED low consumption light strips and 5m of cable.
Easy to install by pushing them into the rear of the front fascia.
Also fits previous models of Fiamma awning.
Kit Awning LED
Kit Awning LED
KIT LED STRIP AWNINGSpecific LED lighting kit for the F65L, F80s & F80L awnings, consisting of a 5m LED sticky strip, easily shortened. Supplied as standard with 10 pvc 50cm lenses to fit inside the internal profile of the front bar.
Kit LED Strip Awning
Kit LED Strip Awning
LED AWNING CASE   Light LED bar suitable for external use. To be inserted in the lower housing rail of the case of the F45s, F45L and F70 winch awnings.
Delivered as standard in the length of 2.5 m. (for awnings 3.0 m long) composed of :
• 1x bar with wiring for the 12 V electrical connection
• 4x additional bars.
The bars fix by pressure.
The optional 50cm kit is available.
It is possible to travel with the LED installed on the awning case.
LED Awning Case
LED Awning Case
KIT CABLES Kit suitable for hiding the electrical cables in the arms of the awning.
Suitable for Awning Arms LED (x1) and Kit Awning LED (x2).
Kit Cables Guide: Kit of 2 flexible profiles ideal for awnings with arms provided with guide preset for the passing of cables.
Dimensions (each profile): L1225mm, Ø 6,5 mm.
Kit Cables Rail: Kit of 2 compact rails, ideal for all the awnings with arms not preset for the passing of the electrical cables.
Dimensions (each rail): L1225xW13xH3mm.
Kit Cable Guide
Kit Cable Guide
Kit Cable Rail
Kit Cable Rail
RAFTER LED CFor case box awnings. 
Supplied complete with hooks to be installed in the awning F45 (for F65s and F65L the optional kit is available) which incorporate the electrical connections: simply place the rafter on and the LEDs will come on. 
Rafter LED
Rafter LED
RAFTER LED CARAVANSTORESpecific for Caravanstore awning.
Equipped with a spring terminal to be easily installed when the awning is open and a power cable.
Rafter LED Caravanstore
Rafter LED Caravanstore
Item Description Price
98655-849 Awning Arms LED € 68.90
98655-471 Kit Awning LED € 37.00
98655-903 Kit Cables Guide € 9.70
98655-856 Kit Cables Rail € 15.60
98655-914 LED Awning Case € 114.00
98655-915 Kit LED Awning Case 50 € 28.00
98655Z040 Kit LED Strip Awning € 85.60
98655Z051 Kit LED Strip Awning High Brightness € 99.10
98655-850 Rafter LED € 75.90
98655-902 Rafter LED Caravanstore € 70.70
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Awning Arms LED Kit Awning LED LED Awning Case Kit LED Awning Case 50 Kit LED Strip Awning Kit LED Strip Awning High Brightness Rafter LED Rafter LED Caravanstore
LED colour cold white cold white neutral white cold white bianco neutro bianco neutro cold white cold white
Tone 6500 ° K 6500 ° K 6500 ° K 6500 ° K 5000 ° K 5000 ° K 7000 ° K 7000 ° K
Light Cone Angle 120 ° 120 ° 120 ° 120 ° 120 ° 120 ° 60 ° 60 °
Lm/mt 382 170 168 168 420 840 98 98
N° LED 18 9 150 30 150 300 36 36
Tension 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V
Absorbtion 0,36 A 0,2 A 0,23 A 0,23 A 2 A 4 A 0,30 A 0,30 A
Absorbed power 4 W 2,4 W 2,7 W 2,7 W 2,4 W 4,8 W 3,6 W 3,6 W
Weight 0,3 kg 0,1 kg 0,3 kg 0,3 kg 0,3 kg 0,3 kg 1,6 kg 1,4 kg
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