Moskito Net

The mosquito screen for all motorhome doors.
Composed by two overlapping panels, the bottom of each panel is always taut and it is fixed to the vehicle with the provided rail.
Easy to install and remove.
It fits all motorhome doors and is very simple to adjust in height.
Complete with Velcro to secure it when not in use.
Selection guide
MOSKITO NET PRO Mosquito net which also acts as a shade panel blocking about 60% of the light. Composed of 2 overlapping panels.
Dimensions: 52x230 cm.
Moskito Net Pro
Moskito Net Pro
MOSKITO NETMosquito net composed of 2 overlapping panels.
Dimensions: 35x230 cm.
Moskito Net
Moskito Net
Moskito Net
Item Description Price
07485-01- Moskito Net Pro € 64.10
03508-01- Moskito Net € 28.40
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight
Moskito Net Pro 0,6 kg stampa
Moskito Net 0,5 kg stampa