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The most powerful detergent for fixed and portable toilets.
Practical 2 L bottle with convenient transparent level indicator for easy dosage.
The only detergent with security seal for your safety.
Concentrated double-action formula that continues working wherever you go and in any weather condition.
Disintegrating, deodorizing, sanitizing, pleasantly scented fluid (pine essence) containing anti-freeze for temperatures up to -20°C.
Eliminates bad odours 90% biodegradable.
Essential for Kassett and portable toilets. Keeps the tank clean.


Powder version in sachets for daily use, individually packed in protective packaging.
Once having opened the Super Kem sachet single-dose, place the powder in the lower tank and it will dissolve quickly in the water with a fresh and pleasant scent of pine oil.
In case of normal use, one dose is enough for max 4/5 days.
One container contains 15 sachets of Super Kem Sachets 30gr each
Super Kem Blue
Super Kem Sachets
SUPER RINSEScented anti-mildew bactericide for chemical toilet fresh water tanks.
For portable or fixed toilet fresh water tanks. Effective against algae.
Powerful rinsing capacity.
Cleans and protects the bowl.
Available in 1L bottle.
In accordance with European 648-2004 regulation.
Super Rinse - 1L
POCKET KASSETT Composed of four individual storage pockets.
It can be fixed with screws that are delivered as standard inside the door of the Thetford or Dometic Kassett of the vehicle. Ideal for storing Super Kem Sachets in powder, disposable hygienic gloves, sanitizing liquid and various materials for cleaning.
Pocket Kassett
Pocket Kassett
SOFT 6 It won’t clog up tanks or waste valves.
Special 2-layered soft toilet paper.
Ideal for fixed and portable toilets thanks to its dissolving formula.
Stronger and softer tissue dissolves quickly in water.
300 sheets per roll. 6 roll pack.
Soft 6 Rolls
Soft 6 Rolls
DISPENSERA 0.20L refillable liquid dispenser (100 doses).
Ideal for soap or shampoo.
Transparent container.
Practical heavy duty push-button pump.
Dimensions: 150x8x55mm.
TOILET BRUSHTolet Brush delivered as standard with velcro to be fixed to the inside Bi-Pot cover. Colour: White.
Tolet Brush Pro Toilet brush holder designed specially for motorhome bathrooms.
Compact, it takes up very little space in the corner of the bathroom.
The big bristle brush cleans efficiently without scratching. Colour: White.
Toilet Brush
Toilet Brush Pro
BIDET• Bidet Universal for all Bi-Pot types; also adapts to Thetford Porta Potti, Cassette 1, 2, 3, and 4.
• Bidet 200 for swivelling Thetford Cassette 200, C250  and Dometic CT3000.
Bidet Universal
Bidet 200
Item Description Price
97310-022 Super Kem Blue - 2L € 8.30
97310-023 Super Kem Sachets - 15 pcs. € 13.40
97310-080 Super Rinse - 1L € 5.00
06339-01- Pocket Kassett € 8.70
97312-010 Soft 6 Rolls € 4.30
98659-035 Toilet Brush Pro € 7.70
98659-025 Toilet Brush € 6.60
03483-01- Bidet Universal € 11.40
03483A01- Bidet 200 € 10.70
04777-01- Dispenser € 10.90
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight
Super Kem Blue - 2L 2,0 kg stampa
Super Kem Sachets - 15 pcs. 0,5 kg stampa
Super Rinse - 1L 1,1 kg stampa
Pocket Kassett 0,2 kg stampa
Soft 6 Rolls 0,7 kg stampa
Toilet Brush Pro 0,2 kg stampa
Toilet Brush 0,1 kg stampa
Bidet Universal 0,3 kg stampa
Bidet 200 0,3 kg stampa
Dispenser 0,2 kg stampa