Accessories Rooflight

To make your Fiamma rooflight even more efficient, we have designed a range of accessories. 
Selection guide
ROLLO VENT 40Roller blind system suitable for Fiamma 40x40 rooflights.
Permanent ventilation thanks to its side inlets. It’s compact thanks to its low profile frame (thickness 3cm). Easy installation without drilling the vehicle: it is fixed to the rooflight frame using the screws (delivered as standard).
Rollo Vent 40
Rollo Vent 40
SPOILERIdeal for reducing vibrations and rooflight noise while travelling.
Made with UV-ray resistant sturdy PVC material. Two versions available.
Spoiler Universal: it can be shortened to adapt itself to the different rooflights with dimensions from 110cm to 28cm. Can be attached with suitable adhesives (Sika). Complete with smart lateral aerodynamic end caps.
Spoiler 40: easily installed with the roof vent screws or attached with suitable adhesives (Sika). Designed to fit the non-aerodinamic Fiamma 40x40 and the TF-40 rooflights using the spacers included.
Spoiler 40
Spoiler Universal
Spoiler 40
Spoiler Universal
THERMO VENT 40Insulated vent shield. Keeps your RV warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer! Suitable for all 40x40 rooflights. The aluminium surfaces assist by reflecting sunlight and by reducing heatloss. Dimensions: L40 x W40 x H0,6 cm.
Thermo Vent 40
Thermo Vent 40
TURBO-KITAdditional fan, easy and quick to install on almost all rooflights.
  • it can be installed on rooflights from 40x40 (not Fiamma) up to 50x70 cm
  • composed of a ventilation system with fan and telescopic hangers
  • complete with supply for cigarette lighter socket and 12Vdc power supply cable for the motorhome’s electric supply
KIT TURBO VENT 28 FOptional kit to motorise your Vent 28 F. you can add the kit at any time after purchase.
Kit Turbo Vent 28 F
KIT TURBO-VENT FStandard version equipped with Polar Control thermostat.
Kit Turbo-Vent F
Kit Turbo-Vent F
KIT TURBO-VENT F PREMIUMEquipped with "Touch" electronic control unit and Polar Control thermostat as standard.
Kit Turbo-Vent F Premium
Kit Turbo-Vent F Premium
Item Description Price
06310-02- Rollo Vent 40 € 32.90
03650A01- Thermo Vent 40 € 11.00
06289-01- Spoiler Universal € 25.70
03585-01- Spoiler 40 € 17.60
98683-059 Turbo-Kit € 79.00
07903-01- Kit Turbo Vent 28 F € 74.30
07501A01- Kit Turbo-Vent F € 149.00
07501-01- Kit Turbo-Vent F Premium € 160.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight
Rollo Vent 40 0,1 kg stampa
Spoiler Universal 1,4 kg stampa
Spoiler 40 0,3 kg stampa
Turbo-Kit 1,3 kg stampa
Kit Turbo Vent 28 F 0,5 kg stampa
Kit Turbo-Vent F 2 kg stampa
Kit Turbo-Vent F Premium 2 kg stampa