Rooflight without ventilator

Rooflight without ventilator

Internal and external frame in new neutral white colour

Rooflights without fan available in different sizes:
  • Vent 28 F: 28x28 cm
  • Vent: 40x40 cm. (from 36x36cm to 42x42cm)
  • Vent F Pro: 40x40 cm
  • Vent 50: 50x50 cm
On the left is the model "Vent 28 F".  

Features Vent 28 F

[1] Aerodynamic: its shape means that no spoiler is needed
[2] Sandwich assembly: quick installation without needing to cut more holes in the roof of your vehicle
[3] Permanent ventilation: for constant exchange of air
[4] Opening system: with handy handwheel
[5] Mosquito net: made of aluminium, easily removable for cleaning
[6] Slim frame: minimum vertical dimensions on the vehicle ceiling
[7] Motorised: with the Kit Turbo-Vent 28 F (optional)

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Vent 28 F


More light in small spaces. New design and aerodynamic shape.
The new 28cm x 28cm  roof light is perfect for small rooms, ensuring improved interior light.
The discreet and elegant design of the internal frame makes it suitable for any environment and the aerodynamic shape does not require the use of the spoiler.
Equipped with permanent ventilation and robust aluminium mosquito net.
Thanks to the Sandwich System mounting system, it is not necessary to drill any further holes in the roof of the vehicle.
Can be accessorised with the optional Kit Turbo Vent 28 F for motorising the roof light.


Vent 28 F White
Vent 28 F Crystal
Vent 28 F
Vent 28 F

The rooflight with excellent performance
Fiamma's range of 40 cm rooflights offer high quality and durability.
Thanks to their elegant external aerodynamic profile top, they do not require the use of the Spoiler.
During high-speed testing, noise and vibrations were greatly reduced.
The outer cover and exclusive patented rubber seal, guarantee a watertight system and ensures that rain is displaced. ABE approved.
Made with high quality UV-ray resistant materials.
Interchangeable with the old 40x40cm Fiamma Roof-lights and with rooflights from 36x36cm to 42x42cm thanks to the reinforced frame.
Supplied with permanent air flow ventilation and mosquito screen.  

Vent White
Vent White
Vent Crystal
Vent Crystal
Vent F Pro

The high-range rooflight, sturdy and functional
The high-range rooflight, sturdy, functional, complete and with innovative design
Fiamma presents the new rooflight Vent F Pro integrating a wider range, elegant and stylized design which fits perfectly to the new vehicles.
It can be fitted with the optional Kit Turbo-Vent F so as to convert a simple rooflight into motorized fan.

• New design, modern and aerodynamic
• Sandwich installation, max reliability
• Removable mosquito screen and pleated blind
• Double opening arms for maximum cover stability
• Very high-quality materials, Certificate ECE R43
• Suitable for roof with thickness from 28 to 55mm
• Optional force ventilation kit with motor 12Vcc

Vent F Pro Crystal
Vent F Pro
Kit Turbo-Vent Premium
Kit Turbo-Vent F
Vent F Pro
Vent 50

The wide pantograph rooflight
50x50cm rooflight, it opens on all four sides with practical handles.
Delivered as standard with roller blind with two rollers: one blackout blind and one mosquito screen.
Assures permanent ventilation. Locking anti-theft device on the handles.
Rainproof and windproof. ABE approved and made with high quality UV ray-resistant materials.
Turbo-Kit can be easily installed as an option.
Colours: Outer frame: White
Inner frame: Ivory
Cover: White or Crystal.

Vent 50 White
Vent 50 Crystal
Vent 50
Item Description Price
07902-02- Vent 28 F White € 82.30
07902-02D Vent 28 F Crystal € 95.80
04329B02- Vent - White € 70.40
04329B02D Vent - Crystal € 91.10
07380-02- Vent F Pro € 220.00
01668-02- Vent 50 White € 139.00
01668-02D Vent 50 Crystal € 183.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Vent 28 F White Vent 28 F Crystal Vent - White Vent - Crystal Vent F Pro Vent 50 White Vent 50 Crystal
Weight 1,8 kg 1,8 kg 2.8 kg 2.8 kg 4,7 kg 4,7 kg 4,7 kg
Cover White Crystal White Crystal Crystal White Crystal
Dimensions 28x28 cm 28x28 cm 40x40 cm 40x40 cm 40x40 cm 50x50 cm 50x50 cm
Outside dimensions 32x34x9 cm 32x34x9 cm 45,5x45,5x8,5 cm 45,5x45,5x8,5 cm 56,6x53,1x9,2 cm 57x57x8,5 cm 57x57x8,5 cm
Internal dimensions 31x34x3 cm 31x34x3 cm 43x43x1 cm 43x43x1 cm 49x48,6x3,5 cm 55x55x3 cm 55x55x3 cm
Inside light 25x25 cm 25x25 cm - - 34,4x34,4 cm - -
Roof thickness (min - max) 2,8 - 5,0 cm 2,8-6,0 cm 3,0 - 5,0 3,0 - 5,0 2,8 - 5,5 cm 3,0 - 7,0 cm 3,0 - 7,0 cm
Roof thickness with Kit Extension min.-max. 5,0 - 6,8 cm 5,0 - 6,8 cm 5,1 - 8,5 cm 5,1 - 8,5 cm - - -
Permanent air flow 80 cm2 80 cm2 80 cm2 80 cm2 100 cm2 150 cm2 150 cm2
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