Garage Bars

Multi-purpose bars in anodized aluminium that can be fixed to the garage walls or floor.
Selection guide
GARAGE BARSYour problem of securing items in the garage is solved.
The Garage Bars are 2 bars in anodized aluminium that can be fixed to the garage walls or floor.
All versions are composed of two bars and complete with end caps.
Garage Bars
Garage Bars
GARAGE BARS PREMIUM 200Two shaped and compact bars 200 cm long, each bar equipped with 4 sliding hooks (Kit Eye Premium/Corner).

Garage Bars Premium 200
Garage Bars Premium 60/200
GARAGE BARS PREMIUM 60Two shaped bars complete with two fixing straps.
Garage Bars Premium 60
Garage Bars Premium 60
GARAGE BARS CORNERSame features of Premium version but with corner shape.
Garage Bars Corner
Garage Bars Corner
KIT EYE - KIT SQUARE PLATESHooks for fastening safely any object with the multi-purpose bars, on the floor or on the wall of the garage.

Kit Eye Premium/Corner
Kit Eye
Kit Square Plates
Kit Square Plates
Item Description Price
98655-609 Garage-Bars Premium 200 € 144.00
98655-608 Garage-Bars Premium 60 € 76.00
98655-906 Garage-Bars Corner € 144.00
98655-480 Garage-Bars € 93.10
98656-735 Kit Eye Premium / Corner € 8.40
98656-494 Kit Eye € 8.30
98656-485 Kit Square Plates € 15.70
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Kit Eye Premium / Corner Kit Eye Weight
Garage-Bars Premium 200 / - 4,8 kg stampa
Garage-Bars Premium 60 - - 2,2 kg stampa
Garage-Bars Corner / - 4,8 kg stampa
Garage-Bars - / 3,1 kg stampa
Kit Eye Premium / Corner - - 0,1 kg stampa
Kit Eye - - 0,1 kg stampa
Kit Square Plates - - 0,1 kg stampa
Standard Optional, can be purchased separately in case you want more sliding hooks