Roof boxes

Spacious roof boxes for your motorhome

The classic roof-boxes made of superior quality ABS-PLUS highly resistant to impacts and weather conditions, with high-thickness UV protection to prevent deterioration of quality.
Complete with installation brackets (Kit of 6 fixing brackets standard delivered for Ultra-Box 3 and 4 brackets for Ultra-Box Top 2) and rust-proof stainless steel hinges.
Selection guide
Item Description Price
02084-01- Ultra-Box 2 € 591.00
02085-01- Ultra-Box 3 € 767.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Ultra-Box 2 Ultra-Box 3
Volume 400 l 520 l
Weight 13 kg 17 kg
External dimensions 120x91x42 cm 170x91x42 cm
Internal dimensions 107,5x77,5x37,5 cm 155x77,5x37,5 cm
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User Guide

User Guide