Luggage carrier system & carry-all bars

Luggage carrier system & carry-all bars

 Luggage carrier systems and carry-all bars to make the most of the roof of your motorhome, caravan or van conversion.

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Luggage carrier system comprises 2 perimetric bars easy to install on motorhomes and caravans. The aluminium anodized tubes are suitable for quickly attaching the optional Fixing Bar Rail. Easy to shorten.
Roof Rail
Roof Rail


Aluminium carry-all bar easy to shorten. It can be easily used with Roof Rail without drilling the vehicle.
Delivered as standard with:
• 2x bars
• 4x fixing terminals in aluminium pressure die-casting
• 4x rubber spacers
Fixing-Bar Rail
Fixing-Bar Rail


The aluminium fixing bar can be shortened to the required length. To be placed on the Motorhome or Caravan roof. Ideal supporting system for solar panels or roof boxes. Delivered as standard with:
• 1x bar
• 2x white end caps
• 1x rubber spacer
Fixing-Bar Pro L
Fixing-Bar Pro L


Roller for loading the roof rack. Facilitates the loading of canoes, kayaks and other objects from the rear of the vehicle. Ideal to be used with Roof Rail Ducato, Roof Rail Ducato Maxi XL.
Roller Roof Rail
Roller Roof Rail
Item Description Price
05516-01- Roof Rail € 197.00
98655-075 Fixing-Bar Rail € 140.00
98655-295 Fixing-Bar Pro L € 52.90
06876-01- Roller Roof Rail € 121.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight
Roof Rail 4,7 kg stampa
Fixing-Bar Rail 3,4 kg stampa
Fixing-Bar Pro L 1,5 kg stampa
Roller Roof Rail 1,5 kg stampa