Water is a precious resource to take care of. Blue tanks made of food grade material and grey water tanks for waste water are easy to fill, transport and empty.
• watertight cap
• easy to transport
• compact size

New closing cap for Roll-Tank 40 and Tank 70 models.
The central easy grip handle on the cap improves ergonomics and makes it easier to open and close the tank.
Selection guide
ROLL-TANK 23 FConvenient portable fresh water tank with easy access discharge cap. Compact size (fits through normal vehicle doors).
Supplied with extra cap for immersion pump (not included).
Roll-Tank 23 F
Roll-Tank 23 F
Roll-Tank 23 F
ROLL-TANK 40 FPortable drinking water roll tank with easy grip handle and two large wheels that make transportation easy even on gravel.
Made of non-toxic material.
Easily cleaning wide cap.
Roll-Tank 40 F
Roll-Tank 40 F
TANK 70Fresh water tank made of non-toxic material. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally.
Comes complete with all necessary fittings for installation.
Water inlet pipe: Ø 38mm.
Water air outlet: Ø 13mm.
Tank 70
Tank 70
ROLL-TANK 23 WConvenient portable waste water tank with easy access discharge cap.
Compact size (fi ts through normal vehicle doors).
Roll-Tank 23 W
Roll-Tank 23 W
ROLL-TANK 40 WWaste water tank, includes a vent valve and level indicator. Connects to the valve of the motorhome tank via
the drain tube. The 45° angle adapter for drain is included.
Roll-Tank 40 W
Roll-Tank 40 W
WATER CAPLocking water cap. Available white and black.
Water Cap White
Water Cap Black
Water Cap
Item Description Price
02428A01A Roll-Tank 23 F € 44.60
08307-01A Roll-Tank 40 F € 81.70
08306-01- Tank 70 € 78.60
02428A01- Roll-Tank 23 W € 42.90
08307-01-  Roll-Tank 40 W € 91.40
94715-010 Water Cap White € 19.90
94715-005 Water Cap Black € 19.40
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight Capacity
Roll-Tank 23 F 2,4 kg 22,5 l stampa
Roll-Tank 40 F 3,8 kg 35 l stampa
Tank 70 4,4 kg 65 l stampa
Roll-Tank 23 W 2,4 kg 22,5 l stampa
Roll-Tank 40 W 3,9 kg 35 l stampa
Water Cap White 0,2 kg - stampa
Water Cap Black 0,2 kg - stampa