Complete Guide to Winter Holidays on the Road: Top 3 Destinations with Fiamma

The appeal of winter holidays on the road is unique, and if you are a fan of travelling in a camper van, van or caravan, get ready for unforgettable adventures. In our blog we’ve talked about the tricks for safely camping in autumn without suffering the cold but today we want to go a step further and talk to you die-hard van-lifers!

In this article we offer you the three best winter destinations to set off on your next four-wheeled adventure, along with practical tips and essential products to make your trip a success.

Here we go!

Norwegian mountains: face the cold in comfort and style, together with Fiamma

The Norwegian mountains offer magical landscapes and unparalleled winter adventures. To face the cold in style, be sure to equip your vehicle with a Fiamma Privacy Room. They ensure that no heat is lost even in the space outside the vehicle, allowing you to relax after a day on the slopes and spent exploring the beautiful Norwegian nature. Install practical LED lights on your Fiamma awning to create a cosy atmosphere during Nordic evenings and admire – with a bit of luck! – the Northern Lights.

Where to camp in Norway? Here are two locations with some of the friendliest campsites.


With its campsite overlooking the famous fjord, it offers a perfect base for exploring the surrounding region.


With campsites equipped with modern facilities, it is ideal for those who want a combination of winter activities and comfort.

The Swiss Alps: conquer the peaks with smart accessories!

The Swiss Alps are a paradise for skiers and hikers, and with the right accessories, your motorhome, van or caravan trip will be even more enjoyable. Install a Fiamma luggage box to comfortably transport your equipment and save space inside the vehicle! Don’t forget to also bring your Fiamma awning, along with front and side panels and / or Enclosures, to make the most of your parking space and enjoy the view of the snowy peaks. Make sure you have a thermal water tank to avoid freezing during the coldest nights.  Here are two of the most beautiful places to camp in Switzerland in winter.


With campsites close to the famous Matterhorn, Zermatt offers a unique experience under the stars, even in winter!


Campsites surrounded by breathtaking views and convenient facilities for motorhome travellers. Not to be missed!

Winter atmosphere in the French Alps: van life between comfort and taste

Exploring the French Alps and the magnificent ski slopes in a van requires comfort and practicality. In addition to equipping yourself with a practical stove, take along a folding table, perfect for creating a cosy space for meals and convivial moments. For a touch of luxury, consider installing a Fiamma LED outdoor lighting system, perfect for dining under the stars.

Where to go in France for a winter road trip? Here are our choices.


With well-equipped campsites close to the ski slopes, Chamonix is an ideal choice for winter sports enthusiasts.


This resort offers several quiet campsites along the lake, perfect for a relaxing winter getaway.

Final tips for your winter road trip in a van, camper van or caravan

Before setting off, check the weather forecast and road conditions to avoid surprises.

Prepare an emergency kit with thermal blankets, non-perishable food and tools to deal with any unforeseen events.

Finally, before you leave, check your vehicle to make sure it is in top condition. Replace any damaged components and check the efficiency of heating and lighting systems.

With these tips and products from Fiamma, your winter holidays on the road will be a perfect mix of adventure and comfort. Get ready to explore the most fascinating destinations, knowing you can count on the quality and reliability of Fiamma products.

Enjoy your trip!