Exploring Europe by bike: five most beautiful routes

The bicycle is definitely the transport mode of the moment due to its countless advantages.
Cheaper, versatile, light, and environmentally friendly, the bicycle allows you to get everywhere quickly and to move around without harming the environment. It’s also for this reason that it is the favourite means of transport for those who choose to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Here at Fiamma, we are well aware of this, which is why we continually study the best way for everybody to take their bikes with them everywhere on their vehicle, around the world. 

So, which are the most beautiful European cycle routes? Each one has its own unique charm and offers different cultural and natural opportunities. We have chosen those that are among the most fascinating in terms of nature, landscape and culture, and that allow you to cycle long distances safely.

Travelling by van, campervan or caravan and bringing your bike

Caravanners and van-life enthusiasts are already aware of this: combining your vehicle with a bicycle is the best way to combine long-distance travel with the convenience of scenic routes through unspoilt nature on two wheels. So why not set off on your next trip by choosing a destination that includes a beautiful cycling route? The cycle paths throughout Europe represent an unmissable opportunity to better explore the places we are going to visit, stopping wherever we want to enjoy breathtaking panoramas, without the need to hurry, traffic or stress. Continue reading the article and discover those that the Fiamma team has selected for its readers.

Itinerary No. 1: the EuroVelo 6 cycle route

This cycle route crosses no less than ten European countries. It starts in Nantes, France, and goes all the way to the Black Sea in Romania. It crosses breathtaking landscapes, such as the Loire Valley in France and the plains of Hungary. Many beautiful cities and historical sites can be visited along the way, and each stage is clearly signposted and accessible via the website. Here you can check out the complete itinerary and combine your next van, campervan or caravan trip with some adventurous two-wheeled excursions.

Itinerary No. 2: the Via Claudia Augusta

Have you ever heard of it? This ancient 1.200kms route connects the Danube in the north with the Adriatic in the south, crossing Germany, Austria and Italy. Following the Roman roads, cyclists can enjoy spectacular Alpine views and visit castles and historical sites along the way. In addition to the viaclaudia.org portal, a handy app is available to follow the stages of the route km by km.

Itinerary No. 3: The Sunshine Cycle Route

Once the bicycles are loaded onto the Carry-Bike, it’s time to set off and explore this wonderful cycle path, choosing one of the many stops along its long route. This cycle path is a great way to discover Italy by bike, offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in Italian culture, admire breathtaking landscapes and taste delicious regional cuisine along the way. Discover it here!

Itinerary No. 4: the Vélodyssée

Francophiles will love this route! This coastal cycle route follows the Atlantic coast of France for over 1.200kms, from Roscoff to Hendaye. It crosses beautiful beaches, sand dunes, woods and nature reserves.
It also offers the opportunity to visit fascinating cities such as Nantes, La Rochelle and Bordeaux. It passes along the EuroVelo 1, also called ‘the Atlantic coast road’. On the official website you can find the most family-friendly stages and the ones with charging stations for electric bikes.

Route No. 5: Berlin-Copenhagen

This cycle route links these two capitals, from Germany to Denmark. Along its 630 kms, it passes through beautiful rural landscapes, woods, lakes, and the coast. The Gedser-Rostock ferry connects the two parts of the route across the Baltic Sea. Perfect for your next on-the-road holiday in Northern Europe!
The official website of the cycle route is great and contains travel tips and useful advice.

Tips for travelling with a bicycle

When travelling by van, campervan or caravan and bringing regular bikes or e-bikes, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Have a secure bike fastening system

Make sure you have a secure and stable storage system for bicycles: Carry-Bike at the rear of the vehicle or indoor garage if available. Always check that the brackets are solid and well secured!

Protect bicycles

Using specific devices to further protect bicycles during travel, such as protective covers to prevent damage caused by wind, dust, or bad weather is always good practice. 

Check bicycles regularly

Before starting your trip and during stops, check your bicycles to make sure they are in good condition. Check that the wheels are well inflated, the brakes are working properly and that there are no loose or damaged parts. Remember to bring a bicycle repair kit to deal with any emergencies along the route!

Plan Stages and Routes

 Before setting off, plan your stages and routes. Search for cycle paths, trails and cycling areas where you intend to travel. Also consider the terrain conditions, degree of difficulty and safety of the roads or paths for bicycles.


If you use E-Bikes, make sure you have a plan for recharging batteries along the route. Look for charging stations or access points and plan stops to allow batteries to be fully charged. Also, take the battery life into account and calculate the distances that can be covered based on the available charge.

Fiamma has designed a very wide range of Carry-Bikes for regular bikes and e-bikes, to be installed on any type of vehicle. Find the right one for you on our website and start your journey!