Drying rack

Drying rack adaptable to rail supports of most bike carriers

Quick installation on the folding rail support base of all bikes carriers with Ø35 mm. Tube. No drilling is required on carry-bikes with wheelbase 60-80cm.
The final parts of the Easy Dry are hooked to the tube of the rail support and then the drying rack is quickly ready to be used.
You can even travel with your Easy Dry fixed on, thanks to its innovative folding structure.
Comes complete with plasticized ropes for hanging clothes and with adjusting handles.
Made of resistant light tubolar anodized aluminium Ø 22mm.
Adjustable length: from min. 100 to max 120cm.
• open 60cm.
• closed 37cm.

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06306-01- Easy Dry € 96.00
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Description Easy Dry
Weight 1,2 kg
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