Rails for transporting and fixing any kind of bike

Different types of rails available for transporting any kind of bike.
They are easily installed on bike carriers of any brand and fit most diameters of wheels of the market.
The load on Fiamma bike carriers must be distributed evenly over each of the rails, eg. a Carry Bike Pro rack if carrying 60kg of weight should have 15kg weight on each of the four rails.

Rails for E-Bikes

For electric bikes Fiamma created the Rail Premium E-Bike. In accordance with the capacity of the Carry-Bike, a maximum of 2 E-bike rails can be used. We suggest you place the Rails Premium E-Bike near the wall of the vehicle and you remove the batteries of electric bikes to limit the weight on the wall. For transporting electric bikes Fiamma suggests using the models
Pro E-Bike, Pro C E-Bike and Lift E-Bike for Motorhome, the models Caravan XL A Pro 200 E-Bike and Caravan Active for Caravan. Please contact your local dealer to see if your Electric Bikes are suitable, and that they do not exceed the maximum permitted weight. We also suggest that the installation is carried out by a dealer.
Selection guide

Refreshed design of the Premium Rail guide with new bicycle support block. If you wish to transport electric bikes, Fiamma recommends that you choose the Carry-Bike models specifically designed and developed for E-Bikes fitted with Rail Premium.
It is possible to transport a maximum of 2 electric bicycles on a Carry-Bike, we also recommend that the Rail Premium are placed close to the wall of the vehicle, and we suggest removing the batteries of the electric bikes for to limit the weight on the wall itself.
Rail with increased structure complete with sliding wedges and incorporated Quick straps to easily secure the wheels of the bike. Suitable for most diameters of bike wheels. Ideal for installation on the motorhome garage floor.
Two models available:
Rail Premium - The restyling of the product has made it even easier and more practical to use. We have eliminated the adjustment and fastening handwheel. Just place the bicycle wheel in the strap and in combination with the rubber support, it will securely lock the bicycle on the rail.
Rail Premium XL - The XL version is longer (139cm) and suited for particularly long E-Bikes and Mountain-Bikes (with wheelbase > 125cm).

Rail Premium / XL
Rail Premium / XL Deep Black
Rail Premium / XL

Rail with increased structure size. The Premium S is similar to the Rail Premium but is also equipped with lower slide clamps that move in both directions, enabling you to easily secure the bike rails in the optimal position.

Rail Premium S
Rail Premium S Deep Black
Rail Premium S

Allows to convert Rail Quick and Rail Premium into Rail Premium S. You simply have to unmount the standard hooks and replace them with Premium S hooks. Now rails can slide vertically and horizontally to be adapted to the dimensions of different bikes.

Kit Premium S

New model based on Rail Premium S version for transporting modern bicycles with tyres up to 5-inches wide on Fiamma bicycle carriers.

Rail Premium S Fat Bike
Rail Premium S Fat Bike Deep Black
Rail Premium S Fat Bike

Optional fourth two-part rail for Carry-Bike VW T5 Pro and T6 Pro models. Also available in the Deep Black version.

Kit Rail Premium 48
Kit Rail Premium 48 Deep Black
Kit Rail Premium 48

The original sturdy rail with a reinforced base delivered with two standard Quick-Safe sliding straps.
Easy to install on the Carry-Bike thanks to the pre-drilled holes on the rail support base.
Rail Quick Pro is interchangeable with the previous Rail Quick version.

Rail Quick Pro
Rail Quick Pro Deep Black
Rail Quick Pro Blue
Rail Quick Pro

Telescopic rail that can be adjusted to the desired extension, supplied with two Quick-Safe straps. Ideal to limit rail overhang. It can easily be installed on almost all bike carriers.

Rail Quick C
Rail Quick C

To carry your electrical bicycles on your Carry-Bike Pro or Pro C.
Now you can turn your Carry-Bike Pro / Pro C into a E-Bike bike carrier by purchasing the new Kit Upgrade E-Bike.
Complete rail support base with two Rail Premium, structurally designed to carry two electric bicycles.
Only for Carry-Bike < 2023

Kit Upgrade E-bike
Kit Upgrade E-bike
New Rail Plus, technically better performing, higher resistance against torsion and bending due to its new geometry and improved material distribution. Larger section for transporting different types of bicycles.
Standard version 128cm long, XL version 139cm.
Rail Plus Deep Black
Rail Plus
Rail Plus XL Deep Black
Rail Plus XL
Rail Plus
Rail Plus XL
Item Description Price
98656M131 Rail Premium € 57.50
98656M150 Rail Premium Deep Black € 74.70
98656M132 Rail Premium XL € 77.50
98656M153 Rail Premium XL Deep Black € 84.60
98656M133 Rail Premium S € 93.30
98656M152 Rail Premium S Deep Black € 103.00
98656M134 Kit Premium S € 34.10
98656M146 Rail Prermium S Fat Bike € 103.00
98656M151 Rail Prermium S Fat Bike Deep Black € 113.00
98656M087 Kit Rail Premium 48 € 59.00
98656M147 Kit Rail Premium 48 Deep Black € 73.30
98656-993 Rail Quick Pro € 47.90
98656M040 Rail Quick Pro - Blue € 46.90
98656M289 Rail Quick Pro - Grey € 46.90
98656M358 Rail Quick Pro - Deep Black € 53.30
98656-369 Rail Quick C € 49.30
98656M137 Kit Upgrade E-Bike € 211.00
98656M566 Rail Plus € 50.00
98656M567 Rail Plus Deep Black € 57.10
98656M588 Rail Plus XL € 57.10
98656M589 Rail Plus XL Deep Black € 64.30
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Optional when using Kit Premium S
Data sheet
Description Colours Hooking type Left-Right sliding Back-Forward sliding Length Weight
Rail Premium Anodised / Deep Black Premium Quick 128 cm 1,3 kg print
Rail Premium XL Anodised / Deep Black Premium Quick 139 cm 1,9 kg print
Rail Premium S Anodised / Deep Black Premium Quick 128 cm 1,7 kg print
Kit Premium S Anodised Premium Quick - - - 0,3 kg print
Rail Prermium S Fat Bike Anodised / Deep Black Premium Quick 128 cm 2,0 kg print
Kit Rail Premium 48 Anodised / Deep Black Premium Quick 2 x 4,75 cm 1,2 kg print
Rail Quick Pro Anodised / Deep Black Quick Safe 128 cm 1,0 kg print
Rail Quick C Anodised / Deep Black Quick Safe 89 - 150 cm 1,2 kg print
Kit Upgrade E-Bike Anodised Premium Quick 128 cm 5,5 kg print
Rail Plus Anodised / Deep Black Quick Safe 128 cm 1,0 kg print
Rail Plus XL Anodised / Deep Black Quick Safe 139 cm 1,1 kg print
Standard Optional
Optional when using Kit Premium S
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