Carry-Bike Special Editions

Special Models

They are designed to meet the characteristics of certain models of motorhome allowing their installation in a simple and safe way.


  • for 2 to 4 bikes
  • based on Pro, Pro C and CL
  • developed for specific models of motorhomes 
  • fast and safe installation

[1] Telescopic rail support: to fit 2, 3 and 4 bikes depending on the model
[2] Easy Position: for the installation of offset rails
[3] Bull Shock Absorber: for absorbing shocks and vibrations
[4] Bike-Block Pro: scratch-proof bike lock
[5] Rail Quick Pro: sturdy rail with reinforced base delivered with Quick-Safe straps
[6] Rack Holder: safety carrier lock
[7] Specific brackets: for easy and safe installation
[8] Quick Lock: quick and safe locking of the wheel to the rail
Selection guide

Carry-Bike Pro in blue version, suitable for Hymer motorhomes with preinstalled upper fixing brackets.
Kit Dethleffs: for Dethleffs motorhomes, the upper brackets kit, adjustable to the standard installed brackets, is available on demand.
To be used with Carry-Bike Pro Hymer-Dethleffs.

Pro Hymer Dethleffs
Pro Hymer Dethleffs
Kit Dethleffs <2010
Kit Dethleffs <2010
Kit Dethleffs >2010
Kit Dethleffs >2010
Kit Dethleffs >2016
Kit Dethleffs >2016

Enlarged edition of Carry-Bike Pro for Autotrail motorhome after 2011 with integrated spare wheel moulding.

Pro Autorail
Pro Autorail

This Carry-Bike is a Pro C version with 80cm enlarged wheelbase, suitable for Laika motorhomes.


The bike carrier is provided with a fixed structure and height of 39,5cm. (wheelbase of 38,5cm.). It comes without the upper and lower fixing kit, with horizontal wheelbase of 60cm., that is already installed only on the CI and Roller Team motorhomes.

Trigano - CI - Roller Team
Trigano - CI - Roller Team
Item Description Price
02093A64B Carry-Bike PRO Hymer/Dethleffs € 328.00
02093A98A Carry-Bike Pro Autotrail € 344.00
02093B59A Carry-Bike C L80 € 328.00
02093A57A Carry-Bike Trigano/CI/Roller Team € 235.00
98656-640 Kit Dethleffs <2010 € 31.00
98656-725 Kit Dethleffs >2010 € 35.10
98656M296 Kit Dethleffs >2016 € 44.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Carry-Bike PRO Hymer/Dethleffs Carry-Bike Pro Autotrail Carry-Bike C L80 Carry-Bike Trigano/CI/Roller Team
Based on Pro Pro Pro C CL
Vehicle type motorhome motorhome motorhome motorhome
Position Rear wall Rear wall Rear wall Rear wall
Vehicle rear window no yes yes yes
TÜV yes no no no
Carry-Bike Weight 8,2 / 60 kg 12 / 40 kg 7,9 / 60 kg 5,2 / 50 kg
Bikes carried standard / max 2/4 2/2 2/4 2/3
Strip - - -
Bike-Block Pro S 2
Bike-Block Pro S 3
Bike-Block Pro 4 - -
Rail Quick Pro (x2) (x2) (x2) (x2) x2 (x2) x1
Rail Premium S
Brackets -
print print print print
Standard Optional
User Guide

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