Organizer containers

To organize objects with style

With the Fiamma organizer line, you can best organize the space inside and outside the vehicle.
New optimization of the spaces and the introduction of functional elements such as net pockets (Organizer S, Organizer Seat and Toiletry) and lower pocket with double compartment (Organizer S) to hold anything, gives the opportunity for more uses.

Selection guide

Triple Fixing

Pack Organizer S, Pack Organizer L and Pack Organizer Shoes can be fixed in three different ways:
A using the rail
B using the eyelets (screws not delivered as standard)
C with Fix Organizer (optional)

Pack Organizer S / L

For little objects.
Two models available:
Pack Organizer S: dimensions: 50x84cm. Number of pockets: 11.
Pack Oragnizer L: dimensions: 88x39cm. Number of pockets: 6.

The practical fixing system Fix Organizer is available as optional. Dimensions: 5.5x3x1cm.

Pack Organizer L
Pack Organizer S
Fix Organizer
Fix Organizer
Pack Organizer Privacy

Optimise the space inside your enclosure and keep everything within reach, thanks to these storage containers that attach directly to the panels

Pack Organizer Privacy
Pack Organizer Toiletry

Container for bathroom fittings.
Dimensions: 30x37x11cm.
Number of pockets: 10.

Pack Organizer Toiletry
Pack Organizer Seat

To hang up on the rear part
of the seats of your vehicle.
Dimensions: 43x66x2cm.
Number of pockets: 4.

Pack Organizer Seat
Pack Organizer Shoes

Container for shoes.
Dimensions: 84x54x2cm.
Number of pockets: 10.

The practical fixing system Fix Organizer is available as optional. Dimensions: 5.5x3x1cm.

Pack Organizer Shoes
Fix Organizer
Fix Organizer
Mega Bag Elite & Smart L

Storage bag for panels and Privacy Room.
Mega Bag Elite: dimensions: 150x35x35cm.
Equipped with wheels, internal net pockets with elastic border and reinforcement panel on the bottom and 2 on the sides.
Mega Bag Smart L: dimensions: 195x25x25cm.
Length increased, to hold and carry skis too with internal Velcro fasteners to secure skis and studded holes to allow small amounts of water to escape; with internal pockets.

Mega Bag Elite
Mega Bag Smart L
Pack Organizer Box

Spacious organiser box, occupies minimum space when closed.
Dimensions: 60x36x31cm.

Pack Organizer Box
Pack Organizer Box

Folding dog house, complete with bag and handle for easy transportation, carpet and eyelets to fasten it to the ground.
Side windows are with mosquito net which can be rolled up with Velcro.
Dimensions: 75x55x49cm.

Pack Organizer Mix
Practical multi-purpose polyester organiser bin with zip fastener and pop-up opening for minimum space when closed.
Its shape and simplicity make it suitable for storing a wide range of objects such as toys or laundry.
The 4 bag clamps, supplied as standard, also allow it to be used as a dustbin.
Diameter 28cm, height 40cm.

Pack Organizer Mix
Item Description Price
07512A01- Pack Organizer L € 28.50
07512-01- Pack Organizer S € 33.40
07515-01- Pack Organizer Toiletry € 34.50
07514-01- Pack Organizer Seat € 23.10
07513-01- Pack Organizer Shoes € 41.60
08201-01- Carry-Dog € 77.40
08207-01- Pack Organizer Box € 64.90
08373-01- Mega Bag Elite € 141.00
08374A01- Mega Bag Smart L € 72.80
98655-163 Fix Organizer € 5.40
08725-01- Pack Organizer Mix € 44.30
07366-01- Pack Organizer Privacy € 36.10
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
* 3 installation modes: on rail, using eyelets (screws not included), with Fix Organizer (optional)
Data sheet
Description Weight Dimensions Dimensions when closed Number of pockets Triple Fixing *
Pack Organizer L 0,5 kg 88x39 cm - 6 print
Pack Organizer S 0,4 kg 50x84 cm - 11 print
Pack Organizer Toiletry 0,6 kg 30x118x11 cm 30x37x11 cm 10 - print
Pack Organizer Seat 0,3 kg 43x66x2 cm - 4 - print
Pack Organizer Shoes 1,1 kg 84x54x2 cm - 10 print
Carry-Dog 2,8 kg 75x55x49 cm 75x55x4 cm - - print
Pack Organizer Box 2,8 kg 60x36x31 cm 60x36x6 cm - - print
Mega Bag Elite 1,2 kg - 150x35x35 - - print
Mega Bag Smart L 1,0 kg - 190x25x25 - - print
Fix Organizer 0,1 kg 5,5x3x1 cm - - - print
Pack Organizer Mix 0,3 kg ø 28 cm - h 40 cm ø 28 cm - h 7 cm - - print
Pack Organizer Privacy 0.4 kg 115x30 cm   4 - print
* 3 installation modes: on rail, using eyelets (screws not included), with Fix Organizer (optional)
User Guide

User Guide

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