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Fiamma offers, with its products, some solutions which enable to quickly and economically arrange the garage facility of your motorhome.
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Strong fixing system to block or stop objects like: small tables, chairs, spare wheel, etc in the car boot or garage of your motorhome.
Holds up to 20 kg.
Delivered as standard with:
• 2x ABS tracks
• 4x hooks
• 2x rubber band
• 24x fixing screws

For heavy or bulky objects we suggest to add the Kit Cargo Accessory composed of:
• 4x supplementary hooks
• 2x rubber band

Cargo Strap
Cargo Strap
Cargo Strap
Kit Cargo Accessory

The clothes rack ideal for the storage compartment of motorhomes.
Consists of a sturdy but light tubular rail in anodized aluminium, 22mm in diameter supported by 2 ceiling fixings.
Please verify the solidity of the ceiling before applying the product. Ideal for hanging clothes and various items.
Load capacity: 10 kg.

Garage Carry-Rail
Garage Carry-Rail

Solid telescopic bar ideal for fastening your objects into the garage facility of your vehicle while travelling.
Easy to regulate using the handy hook lever.
Rubber covered terminals to assure a steady grip without marking the walls of the vehicle.
Made of sturdy and light anodized aluminium tubes.
Easy to shorten (minimum length of 20cm) and extends up to 170cm, in order to adapt itself to the various sizes of storage compartment boxes in the motorhome.

Luggage Bar
Luggage Bar
Luggage Bar
Item Description Price
05677-01- Cargo Strap € 31.00
98656-510 Kit Cargo Accessory € 15.30
06112-01- Garage Carry-Rail € 57.10
05411-03- Luggage Bar € 46.50
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight Lenght
Cargo Strap 0,5 kg - print
Kit Cargo Accessory 0,1 kg - print
Garage Carry-Rail 0,5 kg 112,5 cm print
Luggage Bar 0,7 kg min 93 cm - max 170 cm print
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