Rooflight with ventilator

Internal and external frame in new neutral white colour

Turbo-Vent and Trubo Vent Premium are Fiamma rooflights (40x40) standard equipped with ventilator.
Vent 28 F and Vent F Pro can be motorised with optional kit.
On the side Turbo-Vent / Premium Fiamma.

Features Turbo-Vent / Turbo-Vent Premium

[1] Aerodynamic: its shape means that no spoiler is needed
[2] Installation: with through screws, wide and reinforced frame
[3] Permanent ventilation: for constant exchange of air
[4] Opening system: with handy handwheel
[5] Mosquito net: In aluminium as standard
[6] Ventilator: large motorised fan
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Turbo-Vent Premium

Rooflight with motor, where all functions can be set in motion by a simple finger-touch. Renewed electronic interface with signal LEDs.
Turbo-Vent Premium: modern design with “Touch” electronic control unit
The Premium version of Fiamma Turbo-Vent has been given a modern design with advanced finger-touch controls; the state of the art interface is completed by brand new multicolor LED lights.
Speed setting and switching now have acceleration ease which helps saving the Turbo-Vent motor and the vehicle control unit.

Turbo-Vent Premium White
Turbo-Vent Premium White
Turbo-Vent Premium Crystal
Turbo-Vent Premium
Turbo-Vent Premium

Classic rooflight with 12 V DC variable speed motor.

Turbo-Vent White
Turbo-Vent White
Turbo-Vent Crystal
Item Description Price
03624H02- Turbo-Vent Premium White € 284.00
03624H02D Turbo-Vent Premium Crystal € 301.00
03624F02- Turbo-Vent White € 257.00
03624F02D Turbo-Vent Crystal € 277.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Turbo-Vent Premium White Turbo-Vent Premium Crystal Turbo-Vent White Turbo-Vent Crystal
Colours White Crystal White Crystal
12V Motor
Polar Control Thermostat
Touch control - -
Fan Speed Variable Variable Variable Variable
Tension 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V
Power 36 W 36 W 36 W 36 W
Min. electric input 0,3 A 0,2 A 0,3 A 0,3 A / 0,2 A
Max electric input 3 A 3 A 3 A -
Max air flow 35 m3/min 35 m3/min 35 m3/min 35 m3/min
Fan diameter 30 cm 30 cm 30 cm 300 mm
Permanent air flow 80 cm2 80 cm2 80 cm2 80 cm2
Weight 4,6 kg 4,6 kg 4,6 kg 4,6 kg
Certificates ABE 19330 E24 10R-030530 ABE 19330 E24 10R-030530 ABE 19330 E24 10R-030530 ABE 19330 E24 10R-030530
Spoiler Universal
Thermo-Vent 40
print print print print
Standard Optional
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