CaravanStore ZIP


The complete solution : manual awning and enclosure, complete with windproof and waterproof zip fasteners

The Caravanstore ZIP comes complete with both awning and enclosure.
The innovative Caravanstore ZIP system joins the side panels to the awning’s fabric with two special sturdy zips. In a few minutes the awning can be transformed into a complete enclosure, doubling your living space.

All CaravanStore ZIP becomes XL

More extension, extra living space, shade and great comfort
With the same length the increased extension allows you to make the most of the space available in front of the vehicle, inside the enclosure.

Delivered as standard with

• 1x awning (Caravanstore type)
• 1x front panel with window with mosquito net and rollable door
• 2x side panels with windows with mosquito net
• 1x Curtain kit for all the windows of the enclosure
• 1x Rapid Set CS installation kit (2+2 aluminium tension poles)
• 1x kit elastic hooks for secure fixing
• 1x storage bag Mega Bag dim. 140x27x40cm.

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Selection guide

Vehicle Perfect for Caravans.
Awning Caravanstore ZIP is based on Fiamma Caravanstore.
Canopy has a ZIP system allowing a fast installation. For more info about Caravanstore see pages 28-29.
Windows Front and side panels are composed of openable Crystal windows equipped with mosquito net. High velcro layer for a safe closing of the window.
Structure Structure Rapid Set CS, Caravanstore Support Leg (from 3,60m length) and Rafter Caravanstore (for 4,40m length). The anti-wind support Magic Privacy is optionally available for perfect stability of the enclosure (see page 56).
Colours & Materials Enclosure with White and Grey vinyl fabric.
Awning with Polar White bag and canopy in either Royal Grey or Royal Blue
Front Panel Front panels are interchangeable. This means that door and window can be mounted on either the left hand side or on the right hand side.
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• The new Flexyblock system strengthens the rafter tension given the increased extension
• Sturdier roller tube internal caps to guarantee a maximum practicality by the awning opening
• The roller tube has been reinforced to cater for the improved rafter support legs, because of the new greater extension
• Improved support poles and reinforced side panels
• Longer side panels with widened windows
Models and dimensions

CaravanStore ZIP XL 280

CaravanStore ZIP XL 310 CaravanStore ZIP XL 360  
CaravanStore ZIP XL 410

CaravanStore ZIP XL 440

CaravanStore ZIP XL 500

CaravanStore ZIP XL 550

Item Description Price
05715C02(X) CaravanStore ZIP XL 280 € 1,194.00
05715D02(X) CaravanStore ZIP XL 310 € 1,228.00
05715E02(X) CaravanStore ZIP XL 360* € 1,343.00
05715F02(X) Caravanstore ZIP 410 XL * € 1,358.00
05715G02(X) Caravanstore ZIP 440 XL ** € 1,371.00
05715H02(X) Caravanstore ZIP 500 XL *** € 1,518.00
05715L02(X) Caravanstore ZIP 550 XL *** € 1,584.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
* Caravanstore Support Leg included.
** Rafter Caravanstore and Caravanstore Support Leg included.
*** 2 Caravanstore Support Leg included.
Specify the fabric colour you want when ordering by replacing (X) with: R=Royal Grey, Q=Royal Blue
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