Planning a motorhome trip. An essential guide to planning your next adventurePlanning a motorhome trip.

Planning a motorhome trip requires great attention to detail that will allow you to fully enjoy a sense of freedom that few other forms of travel can match.

With the right preparation, the holiday will be full of excitement, leaving us free to enjoy every moment of our adventure on four wheels.

Good planning is therefore crucial to ensure that the experience is fun and relaxing for everyone: here are some useful tips on how to organise a motorhome trip.

Choosing the right motorhome for our trip

Choosing the right motorhome for a trip is an important decision that can greatly influence the comfort and success of the experience.

The size of the vehicle should be appropriate for the number of people travelling and the type of trip you intend to take: the larger the motorhome, the more space we will have available for comfortable living, but it will also be more difficult to drive and park.

There are various types of vehicles to choose from, each with their own advantages: motorhomes, which are large and spacious, are perfect for families or large groups, offer many comforts but are more expensive and less manoeuvrable; camper vans are more compact and easier to drive than motorhomes and, thanks to their versatility, allow you to visit even the least accessible places; caravans require a vehicle for towing, but allow you to have the vehicle free once you are settled in the campsite.

Defining the destination, itinerary and activities to do during the trip

Whether planning a long trip or a short weekend, the first step is to choose the destination and define the itinerary. It is crucial at this stage to consider the season, the interests of the group of people you are travelling with and the total length of the route; plan the activities to be done to keep all passengers (especially children) engaged and plan in advance for outdoor activities, such as hikes or visits to nature parks, stops for refuelling, resting or overnight stays.

However, it is important to always maintain some flexibility: one of the advantages of travelling in a motorhome is the freedom to explore new destinations along the way.

The best APPs for planning a motorhome trip

In the digital age, there are numerous apps that can make planning a motorhome trip easier and more organised by helping you search for campsites or rest stops along the way and check reviews and services offered.

Integrating these apps into planning can greatly simplify organisation and increase safety and enjoyment. Each app has its strengths, so choosing a few that suit our specific needs will make the motorhome adventure even more enjoyable and stress-free. Here are a few:

1. Google Maps or Waze are well-known and essential navigation apps with real-time updated routes that help avoid heavy traffic, roads unsuitable for motorhomes, and other complications. Waze is especially useful for road alerts such as roadworks or accidents.

2. Campercontact: specifically designed for motorhome users, it provides information on more than 30,000 RV parks and campsites in Europe. It is ideal for finding locations with the necessary services, such as electricity connections, water supply points, and much more.

3. Roadtrippers helps you plan your route by including attractions, restaurants, hotels and other interesting stops along the way. You can also create a customised itinerary based on your specific interests and distances between stops.

4. WeatherPro offers detailed weather forecasts that can help you better plan your daily activities and avoid inclement weather.

5. GasBuddy or Fuelio are useful apps for monitoring fuel consumption and finding the cheapest petrol stations on the route; essential in budget management, especially for long journeys.