Bike carries for Garage

Carry-Bike Garage

Bikes safe inside the motorhome locker

To transport your bikes inside the motorhome, Fiamma has developed different models to suit all needs.

Ideal if…

You want to transport your bikes directly inside your motorhome.

For how many bikes

From 2 to 4.

On which vehicles

Different models of bike carriers to install in the garage:

  • Facility to transport from 2 up to 4 bikes safely
  • Easy to install

In the Motorhome’s locker.

Garage Plus: carries up to 4 bikes. When not in use, it folds up and only takes up 22 cm. Max. load capacity 60 kg.

Garage Standard: Carry-Bike with floor-mounted shelf and frame for wall or ceiling mounting. Holds up to 3 bikes. Max. load capacity 50 kg.

Garage Slide Pro Bike: removable anodised aluminium bike rack. Max. load capacity 50 kg.

Garage Pack Plus: kit with bike frame and storage rack Organizer line.

Garage Pack: simple and flexible modular system for storing bikes in the motorhome storage compartment.



Need more detailed information?

Go to the Fiamma Expert website.