Bike carries for Motorhome

Motor Lift 77

Load bicycles without effort in your motorhome!

Motorised version of Carry-BIke Lift 77.

The tilting shelf of this Carry-bike lowers 77 cm for effortless loading and unloading of bicycles. thanks to the practical motor.

The time required for the ascent of the structure under full load is about 1 minute, for the descent under full load it is about 35 seconds.

Ideal if…

You don’t want to make any effort to load and unload bicycles.

For how many bicycles

2 to 4 / 2 E-Bikes.



On which vehicles

By push-button for easy ascent and descent

Dropping support rail
Lowers by 77cm to load and unload bicycles effortlessly

Tensioning belt
To allow the rail support base to be raised and lowered

On the rear wall of the motorhome

Need more detailed information?

Download the data sheet