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ANTI SLIP PLATE Anti-slip plate to block the level system on paved surfaces only.  
Dim.: 10x16cm. 2 pieces package.
Colour: grey.
Anti Slip Plate + Level Pro
CHOCK LEVEL Kit of 2 chocks to secure the wheels during long stopovers.
Delivered as standard with steel hooks to firmly fasten two Chocks when used on Levels.
Solid construction in UV-resistant polyethylene.
Colour: grey.
Chock Level
LEVEL BAG Bag available in washable Polyester, easy to carry thanks to its comfortable shoulder belt.
Available in two versions.
Level Bag
LEVEL PLATE Anti-skid system designed to easily be installed under the Fiamma Level Up with the screws that are delivered as standard: it increases traction of the levels and avoids skidding on smooth surfaces and sinking on soft grounds like sand or mud.
Solid construction in UV-resistant PELLD.
Comfortable carry handle.
2 pieces package. Colour: grey
Level Plate + Level up
Item Description Price
97901-037 Chock Level € 6.70
97901-012 Anti Slip Plate € 3.60
05950A02B Level Bag € 7.10
05950B02B Level Bag S € 6.70
97901-041 Level Plate € 14.10
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
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