Classic rooflight with 12V DC variable speed motor.

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The rooflight with excellent performance

Fiamma's range of 40 cm rooflights offer high quality and durability. Thanks to their elegant external aerodynamic profile top, they do not require the use of the Spoiler. During high-speed testing, noise and vibrations were greatly reduced. The outer cover and exclusive patented rubber seal, guarantee a watertight system and ensures that rain is displaced. ABE approved.
Made with high quality UV-ray resistant materials.Interchangeable with the old 40x40cm Fiamma Roof-lights and with rooflights from 36x36cm to 42x42cm thanks to the reinforced frame.
Supplied with permanent air flow ventilation and mosquito screen.  
The Turbo-Vent and Turbo-Vent Premium motorized versions have a large 10 blade fan with 12V DC variable speed motor.
It changes and refreshes the air inside your vehicle within seconds. The electronic circuit ensures a rapid, problem-free, change of rotation. The transparent grating permits maximum air circulation and filters light.

Polar Control

Fiamma Turbo-Vents are the only vents equipped with Polar Control: the thermostat regulates the automatic switching on and off of the fan according to the inside temperature of the Motorhome.
Item Description Price
03623F01- Turbo-Vent White € 197.00
03623F01B Turbo-Vent Crystal € 213.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
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