Why are more and more people choosing the van?

What was originally an expression of a bohemian lifestyle and an attempt to live a simple and frugal life has turned into a real trend that shows no sign of stopping. The community of fans of the so-called van life continues to grow and solutions to make life on the road (or more often van holidays) more comfortable are multiplying. The Fiamma team has tried to delve a little deeper into the phenomenon: whether you are already a ‘follower’ or simply think this lifestyle might be for you, read on!

The origins of Van Life

The phenomenon of the ‘van life’ or ‘life in a van’ originated in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, with the hippie movement and the counterculture that sought to distance itself from consumerism and social conventions.

Initially, life in a van was associated with freedom, adventure and the search for a more intimate contact with nature.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the phenomenon declined sharply, but was revitalised in the 2000s thanks to the spread of the Internet and social media, which allowed for greater sharing and visibility of the van experience.

Today, van life is a true cultural movement, involving a large community of enthusiasts worldwide, and has evolved into a true philosophy of life, based on simplicity, self-sufficiency and adventure.

Van Life | Il boom sui social

Camper drivers, travelers, new hippies, ‘vanlifers’. There are many ways to define people who have chosen to live in a house on four wheels, especially a van. What are the reasons and what are the origins of such a popular phenomenon, particularly on social media?

To get to its roots we still have to go to the United States, when in 2012 Emily King and Corey Smith decided to take up this particular style to solve their relationship problems. They were supposed to be on the road for six months, but it didn’t work out that way. It was they who created the hashtag #vanlife, opening the Instagram profile @whereismyofficenow: the rest is history.

Especially thanks to Instagram, the community of lovers of this lifestyle has grown exponentially. On the popular social network there are (countless) accounts of specialised travel influencers, who compete to post the most exciting, inspirational and original content. Following them is a pleasure, but many even decide to imitate them, leaving everything behind to live on the road by ‘campering’ a van to turn it into their home.

Why choose to live or travel in a van?

With the possibility of working anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, the choice of ‘dropping everything’ and abandoning the sedentary life to travel in a van, camper van or minivan became particularly popular after the pandemic, when everyone began to rediscover the importance of values that were previously taken for granted: contact with nature, the freedom to choose each day to move wherever you want, the rediscovery of life’s simplest pleasures. Let’s see what the main advantages of van life are.

Freedom and flexibility

When living in a van one has the freedom to choose where to go and when to leave, without having to comply with rules of space and time


Compared to living in a flat or house, life in a van can be much cheaper. You save money on rent, bills and transport.

Living in contact with nature

Van life allows a more direct and intense experience of nature, offering the possibility of waking up in enchanting places, living in the open air and sleeping under a starry sky.

Lower environmental impact

The van life is a more sustainable lifestyle: vanlifters very often prefer to reduce their ecological footprint, using renewable energy and reducing waste.

Increased creativity and working flexibility

People who live on four wheels can do their work flexibly and creatively, thanks to the opportunities offered by Smartworking.

Unique experiences

Life in a van can lead to meeting new people, discovering unexpected places and having unique experiences that enrich life and create lasting memories!

Van life without worries: our tips

Everything splendid then? Yes, but with caution. Before setting off on an adventure with your van or camper van, you need to be prepared to avoid any unpleasantness and risks.

1 – Check the vehicle regularly: oil, water, tyre pressure and fuel level to avoid problems during the journey.

2 – Choose a suitable vehicle: it must be comfortable, and suitable for your travel and living needs, as well as being in good condition.

3 – Park in safe places: park in protected places such as campsites, rest areas or guarded parking areas to avoid theft or damage to the vehicle.

4 – Be self-sufficient: have everything you need on board, such as water, food, electricity, cooking and sleeping facilities, to avoid having to depend on external services.

5 – Respect local laws and regulations, such as speed limits and parking restrictions, to avoid fines or penalties.

6 – Be prepared for emergencies: have a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher on board, just in case.

Indispensable van accessories

To make life on four wheels even more comfortable you can enhance your van with some Fiamma products that will really make a difference.

Carry-Bike: always carry your bike with you to have even more freedom and get more in touch with nature.

Enclosures: the privacy you desire at the touch of a button. Expand your relaxation area by creating a true additional room, sheltered from wind, rain and other inclement weather.

Awnings: Fiamma awnings are easy to install and use and protect against sun and heat. They are available in different sizes and models to suit different needs and vehicle types

Our tanks: they are easy to use and allow efficient water management and waste disposal.

Ladders and steps: these are very useful to facilitate access to the van or roof. They are available in different models to suit different vehicle heights.