The roof mounted awning specifically for campervans, particularly suitable for VWT5/T6

Awning of compact design. The F40van is a great addition to any campervan due its aesthetics and removable fixing brackets.
Excellent quality/price ratio, it is fixed on the upper part of the van with reduced height, thanks to the lowered brackets.  The awning is carefully designed with automotive finishing, available with Deep Black case box and Royal Grey fabric. It unrolls in an overhand motion to guarantee fabric tension.


[1] Fast mounting: the roof-integrated brackets are easy and quick to install and uninstall
[2] Reinforced arms with reduced section (Arms Reverse System): the arm with “reverse” corner opening of -5° enables maximum use of the height under the awning (when the awning is opened the lead bar is higher than the case box) thus not hindering the side door opening/closing when the awning is opened
[3] Compact and integrated: smaller case box version keeps dimensions to a minimum, so the awning remains compact and aerodynamic
[4] Frontal guide: allows the installation of an extra front panel or other accessories
[5] Flat legs: thanks to the predefined positions, it grants a quick and controlled opening
[6] Room Van: the specific enclosure for this awning is, easy to install, no poles are required, it is connected to the awning lead bar and sides by integrated rails fixed to the arms


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Possibility of installation only on VWT5 and T6 standard roof variants. Not suitable for vehicles with pop roofs (including Volkswagen California). If the vehicle is equipped with C rail, it is necessary to remove it and locate the brackets on the set points.
Installation kit (Kit VWT5/T6 for F40van, Item no. 98655Z030) optionally available, simplified installation without drilling, with roof-integrated brackets.


• Roof installation with lowered brackets
• Compact dimensions, reduced projection
• Automotive style finishing
• Super-compact
• Quick to install and uninstall
• Fabric always perfect thanks to the overhand motion unrolling
• Excellent quality/price ratio

Item Description Price
07503H01R F40van 270 € 571.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Canopy: Royal Grey, Case box: Deep Black - Adapter kit (Item No. 98655Z030) optional available
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