wind protection

Protection against wind and rain that eliminates draught. Suitable for all Fiamma Privacy Rooms and can be easily shortened.
Available in four versions:
• Motorhome (L: 550cm, H: 60cm)
• Caravan (L: 450cm, H: 60cm)
• VW T5/T6 (L: 250cm, H:42h cm)
• Ducato (L: 497cm, H:55h cm)

The Ducato version is suitable for the following wheel base:
• 3450, length of the vehicle 5416mm (L2)
• 4035, length of the vehicle 5998mm (L3)
• 4035, length of the vehicle 6363mm (L4)
The Caravan version slides into the standard rail of the vehicle.
The Motorhome and Caravan versions are delivered as standard with installation kit including snap fasteners and skirting protection for the wheel arch gaps.
The Ducato and VW T5/T6 versions are delivered as standard with elastic fixing straps, wheel cover and magnets.

Protection for rear doors of Ducato and VW T5/T6

Special version for protection against wind and rain for the rear doors of Fiat Ducato and VW T5/T6.

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Item Description Price
98655-090 Skirting Motorhome € 74.10
98655-084 Skirting Caravan € 71.70
98655-387 Skirting VW T5 € 82.70
98655-405 Skirting Ducato € 122.00
06469-01- Rear Skirting Ducato € 114.00
06538-01- Rear Skirting VW T5 € 57.20
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
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