The awning for Pop Out Walls. Now also in white

The perfect solution for anyone who has a vehicle with rear and side pop out walls. The fabric of the awning automatically rolls up and extends to one meter. Protects the pop out wall of your vehicle from the sun and damaging effects over time.
Now available in Polar White to complement the existing Deep Black range. Both versions are available with Royal Grey and Deluxe Grey fabric.

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Item Description Price
06902-01R SlideOut 170 Polar White € 264.00
06902B01R SlideOut 200 Polar White € 276.00
06902D01R SlideOut 280 Polar White € 323.00
07158-01R Slide Out 170 Deep Black € 265.00
07158B01R SlideOut 200 Deep Black € 277.00
07158D01R Slide Out 280 Deep Black € 326.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
The awning is delivered as standard with installation brackets, not equipped with legs and arms, exclusively designed for pop out walls. Canopy colour: Royal Grey
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