Practical tips for a summer holiday in Van: organise your ‘on the road’ adventure

Summer is approaching and punctually the age-old question returns: ‘what do we do for the holidays?

Choosing a destination is complex in itself, but also deciding on the type of accommodation(s), booking and organising travel requires a good deal of patience. Summer holidays should be about relaxing and getting rid of the stress accumulated during the year. Reconnecting with nature and with a simpler, more frugal lifestyle is one of the musts of recent years and there is nothing better for doing this than a holiday in a camper van, caravan, van or minivan. If this is your first time deciding to opt for an ‘on the road’ adventure, follow our practical tips! You won’t regret it!

Outdoor holidays: estimated record in summer 2023

According to a recent study carried out by the Outdoor Tourism Observatory signed by Human Company in collaboration with THRENDS, a company specialising in analysis and strategies in the tourism & hospitality sector, summer 2023 will be all about outdoor holidays. (Source: Quality Travel)

This phenomenon testifies to the increase in popularity that this form of hospitality is also experiencing among Italians, for whom it is no longer just a post-pandemic solution. Foreigners, who have always appreciated this type of holiday, are once again choosing Italy as their preferred destination.

But why choose to spend your summer holidays outdoors?

Advantages of a Camper and Van Holiday

Freedom of movement

Motorhomes, caravans, vans and minivans allow unprecedented freedom: one has the freedom to move at any time and in any place, without having to depend on hotel or other accommodation bookings.

Contact with nature

A holiday on four wheels allows you to get in touch with nature and enjoy breathtaking landscapes and remote places.


The modern motorhomes and caravans are equipped with every comfort such as kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning and heating, offering a very comfortable travelling experience: try it for yourself!

Tips and ideas for this summer’s outdoor holidays

Have you too decided to leave the hotel and experience an outdoor holiday for the first time? Follow some simple tips developed by the Fiamma team and enjoy your holiday in complete relaxation!

Here are some hints on the best destinations for this summer to enjoy your outdoor holiday as much as possible.

Silvi Marina in Abruzzo: sea, hills and…arrosticini.

Kilometre-long beaches, crystal-clear sea, campsites, nature, good food. What more could you ask for for an outdoor holiday in the heart of Italy? Abruzzo is the seaside resort you don’t expect. It hides beautiful locations that are still little frequented by the great masses of tourists that flock to Italian beaches in the summer.

Camping in the Aosta Valley in a film location

If you loved the film ‘The Eight Mountains’, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Val d’Ayas in the Aosta Valley. Pastures, easy hikes and more challenging trails, pure air and the peace that only the mountains can give. A little corner of paradise still little explored.

The villages of Aspromonte: Calabria, a pleasant surprise

The Aspromonte National Park, one of Italy’s most remote regions, offers plenty of attractions for an unforgettable outdoor holiday. Unspoilt nature, fresh air even in summer, fascinating villages to explore quietly, to savour the enchantment of a land that has so much to offer.

What type of vehicle to choose for an outdoor holiday

Choosing the best vehicle for an outdoor holiday depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here are the advantages of each type of vehicle.

The motorhome

The motorhome is a real home on wheels, it offers you maximum freedom of movement and is perfect if you want to travel with the whole family or with a group of friends. In addition, the motorhome is ideal for long holidays and for those who want to enjoy the utmost comfort, but requires adequate driving experience and more attention to maintenance.

The caravan

Caravans are trailers that attach to a towing vehicle, such as a car or SUV. They are ideal for people who want to travel with their own means of transport and have comfortable accommodation while on holiday.

The campervans

Campervans are usually more compact, manoeuvrable, economical and easier to drive vehicles than motorhomes. They are perfect for couples who want to travel with less luggage and move more agilely.

The van

Vans are ideal for families or groups of friends who want to travel together, but don’t want the cost or complexity of a motorhome. Customisable with many optional extras, they are the perfect means of transport for maximum freedom.

The essential Fiamma products to kick-start your outdoor holiday

Fiamma has everything you need to start your journey to the freedom of an outdoor holiday. First of all, we advise you to choose the perfect awning for your vehicle so that you always have a comfortable shaded area close to your vehicle. Fiamma walls and enclosures are also ideal to give you even more privacy and protection against wind and rain when you are outside your motorhome, caravan, van or minivan.

To finish decorating the area outside your vehicle, buy a practical mat to place under the surface of the awning. Finally, to give your parked vehicle greater stability, remember to fit one of Fiamma’s levelling systems.