rubber seals

Convenient rubber guard to seal the space between the awning and the vehicle wall to prevent water infiltration.
News 2017: Pre-cut 5.5m kits, in addition to the current bulk rolls, that work with any awning in the complete Fiammastore range.

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RAIN GUARD LOWERFor awnings F45s/L and F70 with suspended installation spaced from the wall. Installation in the special guide of the case.
Rain Guard Lower
RAIN GUARD SFor awnings installed with standard AS 120 brackets
on flat walls.
Rain Guard S
RAIN GUARD MFor awnings, mounted with adapter spaced out from the wall (up to 4cm) or on curved walls.
Rain Guard M
RAIN GUARD LFor awnings, mounted with adapter spaced out from the wall (up to 9cm) or on curved walls.
Rain Guard L
KIT RAIN GUARD CALIFORNIAFor awnings F45s and F35 Pro installed on VW California.
Length: 200 cm.
Kit Rain Guard California
KIT RAIN GUARD VANFor awnings F45s and F35 Pro installed on Campervans spaced out from the wall.
Length 300 cm.
Kit Rain Guard Van on F45
Kit Rain Guard Van on F35
KIT RAIN GUARD F65For roof awnings F65s and F65L. Covers the whole space between the roof and the awning. Made of strong EPDM. Two Kits available: 450cm. long and 50cm long.
Kit Rain Guard F65 S / F65 L

More aerodynamic and dry

Designed for the F40van and consisting of two covers and a joint, it makes the awning even more integrated with the contour of the vehicle. In this way, the awning is, at the same time, more aerodynamic thanks to the covers that improve air resistance and dryness, thanks to the seal that prevents water infiltration that can form between the installed bracket and the vehicle roof.

Kit Rain Guard F40van

Pair of seals to prevent water infiltration in the Privacy in case of rain.
To put on the end caps of the awning, suitable for F45s, F45L, Fiamma ZIP S and Fiamma ZIP L.

Rain Caps
Item Description Price
06299-01- Rain Guard Lower € 8.10
98655Z017 Kit Rain Guard Lower 550 € 51.40
03910-01- Rain Guard S € 6.10
98655Z014 Kit Rain Guard S 550 € 35.70
03477-01- Rain Guard M € 6.70
98655Z015 Kit Rain Guard M 550 € 38.60
04629-01- Rain Guard L € 7.30
98655Z016 Kit Rain Guard L 550 € 43.70
98655-663 Kit Rain Guard California € 30.00
98655-947 Kit Rain Guard Van € 67.50
98655-020 Kit Rain Guard F65 € 30.40
98655Z019 Kit Rain Guard F65 50 € 5.70
98655Z039 Kit Rain Guard F40van € 105.00
06893-01- Rain Caps F45s € 15.90
06893A01- Rain Caps F45L € 16.10
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
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