Cooking in the Camper. Organisation and creativity for delicious meals ‘on the road

Travelling in a motorhome offers unparalleled freedom but also presents some challenges, such as cooking in a smaller space than in a domestic kitchen.

Some people still think it is necessary to resign oneself to eating ready-made meals, but with a little organisation and creativity, it is possible to prepare delicious and healthy meals even ‘on the road’.

Here are some tips and ideas for turning your kitchen into a little gourmet corner.

Shopping and menu planning

Before departure, good planning is essential when deciding what to cook in your motorhome considering the days of travel, storage of ingredients and ease of preparation. Choosing simple, nutritious recipes that require few ingredients and utensils can make life in the kitchen much easier.

By organising your shopping strategically, you can ensure that each meal is not only nutritious and tasty, but also practical to prepare, allowing you to enjoy your adventure on four wheels to the fullest.

In addition to opting for versatile ingredients that can be used in a variety of recipes (e.g. eggs, pasta and fresh cheeses), cooking in a motorhome can be a great opportunity to discover local delicacies and buy ‘0 km’ fruit and vegetables along the way.

Choosing the right equipment for cooking in a motorhome

Investing in multifunctional cooking utensils can help save space and simplify meal preparation. For example, an electric pressure cooker can be used for boiling, stewing, and even making rice or yoghurt.

In order to optimise preparation time (and space), it can also be particularly useful to equip one’s mobile kitchen with a pot with steam baskets for vertical cooking, which allows one to cook several dishes at the same time in a single step.

In addition to this, it will be important to have some non-stick frying pans, knives and chopping boards, ladles, spoons, retractable utensils such as collapsible bowls and strainers for draining pasta in the mobile kitchen and stackable, transparent containers for storing dry food.

When the weather permits, cooking outdoors can be a great option to avoid overloading the interior space of your vehicle and to enjoy your surroundings. A portable barbecue or camping cooker can turn a simple meal into a memorable outdoor experience.

Quick and easy motorhome recipes

Preparing tasty dishes even in a limited space like a motorhome is possible with a little creativity and the right equipment, turning every meal into a special occasion and making the trip even more memorable.

Here are some tasty ideas:

Panzanella: a classic fresh and tasty traditional Tuscan recipe made with stale bread, tomatoes, onion, cucumber and basil; it requires no cooking and can also be prepared a few hours in advance.

Cous Cous: thanks to its ease of preparation, it is well suited to life on the road. It can be accompanied by meat, fish or vegetables, can be eaten either hot or cold depending on the season, and keeps in the fridge for a few days.

Sliced beef with Rucola and Grana cheese: simple but impressive to cook outdoors for a flavour-packed meal without dirtying the kitchen inside the motorhome!

Seed-crusted salmon: a nutritious and refined dish that, with just a few simple ingredients, elevates the cooking experience while travelling.

Crepes Suzette: a classic French dessert that can also be prepared in a small kitchen space but with a guaranteed ‘wow’ effect!

Cooking in a campervan can be a fun and rewarding experience that adds an extra element of adventure to your trip. By organising our shopping strategically, with a little preparation and a few tricks, we can enjoy delicious and healthy meals everywhere, making each leg of the trip even more special.